About Luxury Lash Trainings

Luxury Classic Training

Begin your journey to becoming a confident lash artist and business owner in a luxurious experience. This course will prepare you with everything you need to go out into the world of lashing and become a total powerhouse and lucrative business owner!

Classic $750

$300.00 deposit required.

Remaining balance of $450.00 is due day of training. No Experience Required

Professional Lash Kit ($300 Value)

1 full 6 hour day

*Certificate of Completion



Sanitation and Health Practices

Consultation Forms

How to prepare an area for a client

Work station Set up

Lashing Environment

The lash growth cycles

Contraindications – allergies, sensitivities

Go over different types of products – adhesives, primers etc

Tweezers and how to hold and pick up lashes


Removing a lash

Lash Types – curls, different materials, diameters

Using Nano Misters



Refills and removals

Dealing with reactions and allergies

Sterilization of products

How to take photos of your work

Cleansing lashes

How to set up your business



Luxury Volume Master Training

This course is for all BOSS BABES that are ready to travel deeper into PRO LASH LIFE! Here you will master design theory and volume application! In this course you will find the keys to transformation and massive expansion in your lash skills and business! Designed to inspire and challenge you, after this course you will feel fully confident in up-leveling your life through your explosive and powerful lash business!

Volume $550

$200.00 Deposit required.

Remaining balance of $350.00 is due day of training. Classic Training Required

Professional Lash Kit ($300 Value) 5D and 6D Volume

*Certificate of Completion

1 full 6 hour day



Health and Safety Advanced

Preparing for your appointment

Self-Care Advanced

Mastering your craft

Sanitation Advanced

The Ultimate Consultation Practice

Hair Growth Cycle Review

Contraindications – allergies, sensitivities

Size and weight of pre-made fans

Glue dipping

Tweezer grip

Fan pick up

Advanced design

Volume fills

How to build your clientele

How to price your services

And so much more!!!!